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Tree Pruning

Definition: The selective removal of tree branches or stems.

Pruning a tree is a great way to keep it structurally healthy. It rids the tree of dead or decaying branches, insect infested branches, and disease stricken branches. Pruning also promotes the tree to keep its natural shape and can stimulate growth in the right areas.

Reasons to prune a tree include;

  • Removing branches that show signs of rot.
  • Removing branches that are diseased or have an insect infestation.
  • Reduces the risk of erratic or irregular growth to maintain a natural shape
  • Removing weakened crotches to avoid cracks and trunk splitting

Dead, rotting, or diseased branches should be removed immediately to remove the hazard. If any areas of your trees are causing you concern, you can contact Expert Tree Removal for a free assessment.

Smaller trees are safe to prune on your own within reason, but you should always consult Expert Tree Removal for larger pruning requirements as we have the right qualifications, a wealth of knowledge, the right tools and the right attitude to get the job done safety and efficiently.