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Our experienced AQF Level 5 Arborist ensure you receive the best possible advice for all your arboreal reporting requirements.
If you are proposing to carry out construction or development on a site that has trees then you are likely to require an Arboricultural Impact Assessment.
Our aim is to provide you with fast, complete and compliant arboricultural impact assessment reports. These thorough reports document all site conditions and activities that may impact the trees are outlined to ensure your project is not delayed or at risk.
If there are trees marked on your survey drawings then you will need the services of an AQF Level 5 Arborist to produce an Arboricultural Impact Assessment Report. If you submit the DA without an Arboricultural Impact Assessment Report they will likely decline the application causing delays and frustration on your part.

Tree impact assessments requirements vary between councils. However, our arborist consultants ensure each report includes a plan to scale of the site showing the trees, buildings and structures and adjacent trees relevant to the assessment, our methods and techniques used in our inspections, a table listing each trees species, height, trunk diameter, and canopy, health and life expectancy of each tree.


We don’t just provide reports for development, once your development is approved we also act as Project Arborists throughout the construction process as required by local consent authorities. This allows for a consistent and seamless transition for the arboricultural management of your site right from the project planning stage through until final completion of the project.

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