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Definition: The selective removal of weak tree branches to create gaps in the canopy.


Having your tree’s crown thinned is a great way to prevent storm damage by reducing the weight of the tree and allowing more wind to flow through the branches, reducing the wind load. It also reduces the risk of weak branches snapping and falling out of the tree in high winds. It is a time-consuming task when done correctly but is worth it for tree maintenance and peace of mind. It also has the bonus of reducing tree droppings such as leaf, seed, sap and branch droppings.

Please consult Expert Tree Removal Pty Ltd for your tree maintenance needs and we can do an assessment on your trees to evaluate if a crown thinning is right for your tree. We have the right qualifications, a wealth of knowledge, the right tools, and the right attitude to get the job done safety and efficiently.


As always, please contact your local council to ensure you are required to obtain consent before having your tree’s crown thinned.

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