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We all love lush, green trees, but too much foliage can cause stress and add extra weight. At Expert Tree Removal Pty Ltd, we specialise in all types of pruning, including tree crown thinning. We operate throughout the Blacktown City Council, The Hills District, Penrith, and Parramatta area, serving both residential and commercial clients. With a team of insured AQF Level 5 arborists and specialised equipment, we’re able to provide quality workmanship at competitive prices, all while meeting regulatory requirements. Call us today for a free quote!

Crown Raising

When the lower branches of a tree hang too low, we recommend raising the tree’s crown, also known as tree crown lifting. During this process, our team strategically removes the lower-most branches of trees, allowing clearance for pedestrians and vehicles.


Restricting growth in the lower branches through tree crown lifting encourages growth in the upper branches. At the same time, it lets in more light and prevents mold, while reducing weight in heavier limbs that are at risk of failing.

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Tree Trimming

If we find overgrown or crossing branches during our assessment, we use tree trimming to improve the health and shape of your trees. Our team members have gone through extensive training and are experienced in trimming trees of various species. Using expert techniques and specialized equipment, we carefully trim overgrown branches that are at risk of failure.


This practice gives your tree a better appearance, keeps branches from damaging nearby structures, and prevents the tree from getting tangled up in power lines.

Tree Maintance Services

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Tree Removal

We remove trees using the felling, climbing, or crane method, all of which require specialised equipment and years of experience in tree work.

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Tree Trimming

Our experts carefully trim huge tree branches before they risk falling and causing damage. Our professional team also prunes damaged, infected, or overcrowded branches.

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Tree Care

We specialise in providing care during the whole tree life cycle. From planting to pruning our professional arborists prepare a complete tree maintenance schedule and detailed tree reports

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Stump removal

We take care of tree stumps with a stump grinding service, a cost-effective and efficient method that gets rid of the stump quickly.

Crown Reduction

In tree crown reduction, our tree surgeons prune selective limbs back to the lateral branches as per the standards set by AS-4373 Pruning of Amenity Trees. We use this pruning method to reduce the height and spread of the tree crown while maintaining a defined shape.


Keep in mind that proper crown reduction, like other types of pruning, can only be performed by a licensed arborist. This is due to the restrictions on height reductions as set by the AS-4373.

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Crown Canopy Lifting

In tree crown lifting, our arborists remove the bottom layer of branches or the lower lateral branches from a bigger limb. The result is that the tree canopy is higher above the ground, allowing more clearance for amenity purposes.


It also reduces the weight in large lateral limbs, reducing the risk of storm damage. But perhaps the most important reason we recommend tree canopy lifting on public and commercial properties is to allow clearance for pedestrians and vehicles.

Canopy Thinning

If our assessment indicates excess weight due to dense foliage, we recommend tree canopy thinning. This is the selective pruning and removal of inner branches to create gaps within the canopy.


Our licensed arborists use appropriate safety measures to climb trees and prune weakly attached branches and epicormic shoots. Effective tree thinning requires extensive knowledge and expertise. Otherwise, you risk damaging the tree and restricting growth.


The purpose of crown thinning is to improve light penetration and ventilation through the tree canopy and crown. These tree services can reduce excess weight, lowering the risk of falling limbs and branches during storms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much of the tree can be removed in crown thinning without producing stress in the tree?

In crown thinning, a professional arborist carefully selects branches and removes them based on a percentage. Usually, crown thinning jobs involve reducing 10 percent of the crown to avoid producing stress.

When is crown canopy lifting needed?

We recommend crown canopy lifting for trees in which the low branches have large diameters. Crown lifting shortens the lower branches, suppressing their growth, while encouraging growth in the higher branches.

How often is tree trimming needed?

Depending on the species and age of the tree, they may need to be trimmed as much as once every year or as little as once every 3 to 5 years.

What types of pruning do you offer?

At Expert Tree Removal Pty Ltd, we offer types such as deadwooding, crown thinning, and tree canopy lifting. We recommend tree services based on a detailed inspection and assessment of the tree’s health, soil conditions, and surrounding environment.

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