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At Expert Tree Removal Pty Ltd, we specialize in preparing detailed tree reports in accordance with the requirements set by local councils. For years, our AQF Level 5 arborists have prepared comprehensive arborist reports for property managers and owners in Blacktown City Council, The Hills District, Penrith, and Parramatta. If you’re looking to secure approval for tree removal from your local council, we provide professional advice and tree reports.

Tree Removal Reports For Council Tree Removal Application

Even if a tree grows on your property, you can’t remove it without permission. Rather you’ll need to submit an application for council purposes. At Expert Tree Removal Pty Ltd, we’re well-versed in state and local government policy. We can conduct comprehensive assessments and ensure a careful decision-making process for tree removal. Thanks to years of experience, we’re well-versed in what procedures to take when pruning or removing protected trees.

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Impact Assessment Reports For Vegetation Protection Order

If you’re planning new construction on a property that has existing vegetation, you’ll need an arboricultural impact report. At Expert Tree Removal Pty Ltd, we can prepare a comprehensive document outlining specific trees that need to be removed, as well as trees with retention value. In this tree assessment, our arborists mention information regarding each tree, such as the allocated number and botanical name, along with dimensions.

Tree Maintenance Services

Tree removal Blacktown

Tree Removal

We remove trees using the felling, climbing, or crane method, all of which require specialised equipment and years of experience in tree work.

Tree trimming Blacktown NSW

Tree Trimming

Our experts carefully trim huge tree branches before they risk falling and causing damage. Our professional team also prunes damaged, infected, or overcrowded branches.

Arborist reports Blacktown

Tree Care

We specialise in providing care during the whole tree life cycle. From planting to pruning our professional arborists prepare a complete tree maintenance schedule and detailed tree reports

Stump grinding Blacktown

Stump removal

We take care of tree stumps with a stump grinding service, a cost-effective and efficient method that gets rid of the stump quickly.

Preliminary Assessment Reports and Tree Inspection Reports

If you’re developing a designated area, you’ll need a professional to provide recommendations for a preliminary assessment report. At Expert Tree Removal Pty Ltd, we can conduct a detailed survey of the trees in a specific area. These reports give valuable insights into what trees can be retained.

Tree Surgeon

If a risk assessment indicates poor structural stability or other possible hazards, our expert tree surgeons can recommend solutions and mitigation measures to restore the health of your trees. As AQF level 5 arborists, we can take effective measures such as pruning, trimming, and removal to ensure the safety of your landscape.

Arborist reports Blacktown NSW
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Arborist Consulting

If you’re planning new construction and want to protect the trees on the land, you’ll need to set up tree protection zones. At Expert Tree Removal Pty Ltd, we offer consulting services to develop a tree protection plan for development sites. Similarly, if you need assistance with tree care, our specialists can provide expert advice on how to take care of specific tree species.

Tree health Assessment

Do your trees no longer look as vibrant as they used to? Perhaps it’s time to conduct a comprehensive assessment to evaluate their health. Our arborists can conduct a thorough inspection of your trees to assess their structural integrity, life expectancy, and risk of potential hazards like pests or disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an arborist report for a council tree removal application?

Yes, a tree report by a certified arborist is often needed for a council tree removal application, and it needs to be reviewed and approved before any tree management services are provided.

Why is an arborist report needed before tree cutting?

High-quality arborist reports are needed if you wish to remove a particular tree that’s protected the by council’s tree preservation orders.

What is included in a tree inspection report?

During tree inspections, certified arborists get valuable information regarding the tree’s health and possible structural problems. This detailed information is compiled in an inspection report.

Can I prune a tree subject to a vegetation protection order?

If you’re worried that a tree on your property falls under a VPO, pruning it without a permit could lead to hefty fines. It’s best to call a qualified arborist.

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