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Stump Grinding & Poisoning Services

Definition: The removal of a tree stump using specialised machinery that chips away at the wood.


Grinding away a tree stump and root crown with a Stump Grinder can be completed after the tree branches and trunk have been removed. This service can be completed on the same day as the tree removal or even years after. During the grinding process, the small wood chips and soil are processed back out into the garden. The is left in the garden as mulch or to fill the hole that remains once the stump is ground out. Often stumps are removed to reduce trips and falls, make lawn care easier and to increase the aesthetics of a garden.

Reasons to have a stump removed:

Reasons to keep a stump include that it reduces the cost of your tree removal and stumps can be a source of creativity and provide an endless source of craft ideas such as carving out chairs, stools, or creating a natural pot plant.


Please consult Expert Tree Removal for your stump grinding and poisoning requirements. We always take into consideration the immediate surrounds and can provide stump removal even for the tightest of spots.

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