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How much does removing a tree cost?

The average cost for tree removal is $3,490 across Sydney, but you can expect to pay an average of $350 – $10,000+ for tree removal services.

The final cost depends on the time and safety procedures required for tree removal, which can vary depending on the number and species. We provide free quotes that tell you how much you need to pay. Our tree services provide quick assessment, and we’ll beat any written quote. Call today for a free quote.
Many factors can affect the cost of tree removal. These include:

  • Terrain
  • Permits
  • Weekends
  • Tree Species
  • Equipment
  • Fallen tree
  • Power lines
  • Tree reports
  • Safety Risks 
  • Traffic control
  • Risk to Property damage
  • Council approval
  • Is it an emergency
  • Weather conditions
  • The size of the tree.
  • The need for a crane
  • The number of mature trees
  • Number of branches
  • Number of staff required
  • Transportation and tip fees
  • Location of the tree
  • Accessibility front yard or back
  • The health of the tree – is it dead or rotting?

How much does it cost to get a tree pruned?

As discussed above, many factors affect the tree trimming & pruning cost of a tree without sounding like a broken record. The average price for tree pruning is as follows:

Tree Pruning Service Cost Guide:

  • Small Trees (<10 metres): $200 – $500
  • Medium Trees (10 – 20 metres): $300 – $800
  • Large Trees (20 metres+): $500 – $3000

The average price is around $423.00. A tree report will give a thorough assessment of your query.

Then, call us for a free quote to tailor to your needs.

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Does home insurance cover tree removal? 

Most home insurance companies won’t cover the risk of tree removal, including trimming and pruning. Part of the reason is that most tree-lopping businesses have no qualifications in tree removal. Furthermore, it is a dangerous procedure to remove a tree properly. So when an Arborist is felling a tree, and it falls on your house or your neighbour’s property, you will need an Arborist to provide adequate insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances.

Most tree-loppers claim they “have insurance”, but you need to do your research. We advise you to ring the insurance company and find out if their insurance is legitimate and current. Our insurance covers up to $20 million in public liability, so you know you are protected.

Why is tree removal so expensive?

Skilled Arborists mainly have higher charges for tree removal because of how complex, unpredictable, and dangerous the work can be. Their overhead costs are also increased owing to the high insurance premiums they have to pay and the right equipment required for the job. Years of TAFE and University studying to ensure the arborist you choose is experienced in all aspects of arboriculture. 

Wood Chippers, Cranes, Stump Grinders, Chainsaws and Trucks and insurance can run hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, this doesn’t include servicing and maintenance, employees, and other overheads required to operate a tree removal service

How hard is it to get council approval to remove a tree?

According to the Service NSW, obtaining approval from your local council is imperative before tree removal from your property. Failure to do so will incur expensive fines.

“The rules regarding tree removal differ from council to council, but Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and Local Environment Plans (LEPs) guide many of the decisions made.”

If you remove a protected tree, penalties can reach up to $1.1 million per tree. So it is essential to call us, to avoid getting fined. Our Qualified Arborists can identify what tree species are endangered or threatene

Is a tree removal permit expensive?

A tree removal permit depends on your local council. Blacktown City Council will charge based on the number of trees, whether it is urgent or if you are a pensioner. There are many different tree permit applications. Call now to make sure you have the right one.

Blacktown City Council Tree Permit Fees

  • 1 to 5 trees: $69.00 
  • 6 to 10 trees: $138.00
  • Additional trees over ten trees: $14.40 each
  • Urgent inspection fee (within 48 hours): $307.00

Urgent inspection fees cover 1 to 10 trees; add $14.40 for other trees. 

The latest pricing for tree removal can be found on this link.

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The Hills Shire Council Tree Permit Fees

1 to 3 trees each $119.00

Additional trees each $40.00

Landscape/VMP Bond Release re-inspection or Horticultural advice (minimum 1/2 hour) per hour $183.00

Native Vegetation Clearing Permit – Minor Clearing (<1,000m2) each $194.00 Native Vegetation Clearing Permit – Clearing 1,001m2-2,500m2 each $388.00 Native Vegetation Clearing Permit – Clearing > 2,500m2 and above biodiversity scheme threshold each $520.00

Approval to Burn Vegetation each $132.0

Penrith City Council Tree Permit Fees

Tree and Vegetation Removal Application Fee $ 88.00 – $ 90.00 Per application for tree or vegetation removal DCR

Tree Removal Assessment Fee (Rural Areas) $ 20.00 Per tree in rural areas, up to 5 trees without understorey vegetation. In addition to the application fee.

Tree Removal Assessment Fee (Non-Rural Areas) N $ 20.00 Per tree in non-rural areas. In addition to the application fee

Vegetation Clearing (Rural Areas) Assessment Fee N $ 342.00 – $ 351.00 For clearing more than five trees with or without understorey vegetation. If vegetation does not contain ‘trees’, an application must be submitted if the clearing area is more significant than 10m2, in addition to the application fee. 

Hawkesbury City Council Tree Permit Fees

Modifications to an application must be lodged as a new application. A permit is issued for 12 months – expired permits are subject to a new application, and fees apply

  • 1 to 3 Trees $115 to $117.30
  • 4 to 6 Trees $136 to $138.72
  • 7 to 10 Trees $157 to $160.14
  • 11 to 20 Trees $190 to $193.80

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